Archaeology of Solidarity

Dear Colleague,

In the following pages, you will find an abridged version of a recent publication by the European School of Politics. This publication was edited by Professor Ulaş Bayraktar and included the accounts of our alumni regarding local practices of solidarity and cooperation across Turkey. This undertaking was based on the conviction that fraternity – or better yet, camaraderie – is no less important than liberty or equality for the health of our societies, and deserves to be studied and narrated with commensurate care.

We hope that you find this compilation interesting and useful. If you wish to carry out a similar survey or simply combine forces, you can be sure of our interest in pursuing this line of inquiry further. Our world needs to be able to account its sources of strength and success well, as it heads into increasingly troubling times, and we are determined and ready to do our humble share.

To access the publication, click here.